Songs to get you mooving!

Folk rock for the little folk that rock! Gee Whiz Kidz and their boogying bovine “Moova” are not your average kids band (or cow). With a swag full of ditties and a cart full of dance moves GWK will have you hopping and bopping, thumping and jumping, tapping and clapping.

Hitting the Highway

Not content with just grazing in a paddock, Moova has been out on a big adventure. She’s travelled the world, seen the sites and learnt all of the dance moves. She has returned and she’s got the band back together to tell you all about her adventures!

Moova's Big Adventure!

"Moova's Big Adventure" celebrates a positive message, whimsical themes and is loads of fun.

Gee Whiz Kidz have a back catalogue creating hours of fun for kids. "Moova's Big Adventure" has 15 groovin' tracks to keep them jumping and clapping all day long. Inventive and insightful stories that will delight all ages:

  1. Ready,Set, Go!
  2. Moova's Song
  3. Adventure
  4. Ruby the Rabbit
  5. Party Song
  6. Worms
  7. Flutterby
  8. Moova Says
  9. In the Outback
  10. Minibeasts
  11. Birds
  12. Smiles
  13. Rainbow
  14. Much to See
  15. Dream of Everything
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